At Contact Physical Therapy you and your therapist together help you achieve your goals. Using individualized treatment plans, our physical therapists will provide you with the tools you need to heal your body and educate you on injury prevention. Therapists provide a combination of therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, education, and pain relieving modalities to help progress patients. Professional therapists will tailor your treatment plan to meet your individual needs and get you back to work, sport or living a pain free lifestyle.

Our Physical Therapists offer comprehensive treatment plans and directly work with you throughout the treatment process. Our highly skilled therapists work together to educate, progress your treatment plan, and tailor your treatment to your needs and goals. The therapists at Contact Physical Therapy look forward to helping you during your rehab process.


Physical Therapy

Common Conditions


Our experienced physical therapists at Mesa physical therapy facilities are here to help you restore function and relieve pain from a variety of ailments. Below we have listed a number of conditions commonly treated with physical therapy.

If you are suffering from any of these ailments contact us today by filling out the form below or give us a call at 480-396-2781 to set up your physical therapy appointment.

Our therapists have background in treating conditions such as: vestibular problems, balance issues and post-concussion problems.


Neck injuries are a common problem and our Therapists are highly trained in neck and spine. Common Conditions include but are not limited to: neck pain, whiplash, stiff neck, neck muscle injuries, cervical disc degeneration, disc herniation, fusions, post op neck surgery and arthritis.


Mid and low back injuries are one of the most common injuries today. Our highly trained therapists specialize in mid and low back conditions. Conditions include but are not limited to: back pain, sciatica pain, back muscle injuries, low back strain or sprain, lumbar strain, fusion, spondylolisthesis, spondylosis, disc herniation, disc degeneration, post op surgery and arthritis.


Our Therapists at Contact Physical therapy are highly trained in shoulder related injuries such as: shoulder pain, shoulder strain, rotator cuff injuries, bicep tendon injuries, overuse conditions, shoulder inflammation, shoulder arthritis, shoulder bursitis, impingement syndrome, total joint replacement, fractures of any bone(s) of the shoulder, clavicle injuries, separated shoulder, shoulder dislocations, post op surgery, labral tears or injury and frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis.


Elbow and hand injuries are becoming more common. We treat a wide variety of elbow and hand conditions such as: elbow pain, fractures of the upper arm or humerus, the lower arm or radius or ulna, elbow tendinitis, little league elbow, golfer's elbow, tennis elbow, ulnar collateral ligament injuries, overuse injuries and muscle strains. hand pain, wrist pain, finger fractures, wrist fractures, carpal tunnel, tendon injuries, amputations, dislocations, arthritis, tendon injuries, bone and skin grafting, instability post op surgery and nerve injuries.


Our therapists treat a large variety or hip and knee injuries such as: hip pain, total hip replacements, nerve pain, bursitis of the hip, tendinitis of the hip, IT band syndrome and hip fractures. leg pain, thigh pain, muscle strains and fractures of the femur, tibia and fibula or fractures to the upper leg and lower leg. : knee pain, patellar pain, ACL injuries, total knee replacements, knee sprains, knee strains, patellar tracking problems, bursitis, tendinitis, jumpers knee, fractures of the knee cap or patella, cartilage injuries, meniscus injuries and IT band syndrome, Osgood-Schlatter disease, PCL and MCL injuries, chondromalacia, patellofemoral pain, and arthritis.

Our therapists are highly educated to treat a large variety of foot and ankle pain such as: ankle pain, ankle sprain, fractures, instability, stress fractures and achilles tendon injuries, tendonitis and tendinosis plantar fasciitis, foot pain, foot fractures, heel pain, stress fractures, toe injuries, arthritis, foot drop and tarsal tunnel syndrome.

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